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Mmm.. FFG @ Rays [Jan. 1st, 2006|10:56 pm]
Fall From Grace


[Current Mood |tiredCaffienated.]
[Current Music |The Struggle Within :: Metallica]

Damn this was a great fuckin' show.

I was outside most of the time for the opening band. But when I was inside, they sounded pretty good.

So FFG came on... and like half the crowd left... which pissed me off.

They play their set... which was a nice...long set. Played their fan favs and their new stuff (which is sounding killer, you guys didn't fuck up that one song you said you would).

The crowd was energetic, as was the band. Which is why I love this band... they have such amazing stage presence.


Well.. Can't wait to see 'em on the 7th at El Corazon. BE THERE.