This Sickness

...is what I am now...

Fall From Grace
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Tryg - voices & blood curdling screams, guitar
KennyB - drums
B - shredding guitar, backing voices
Big Ken - bass guitar, backing voices and screams

Fall From Grace is not only a band, but a saying. To us, it means that every once in awhile, you fall from your personal state of bliss...a tragedy or heartache throws you a curve ball.

A Seattle based band that delivers pure heart in their Rock n' Roll.

Featuring the talents of piercing vocals, emotional guitar riffs, thunderous bass lines, and precision percussion with the likes of which Rolex would be jealous of. Tryg, Brian and Big Ken started writing songs in March of '04 waiting for KennyB to recover from his nerve disorder in Fort Lewis' hospital. After he was out, and a couple months of writing, "Rise From the Ashes", their debut EP, was recorded in their studio, and released to the masses of Washington State.

2005 has been one hell of a year. They've played nearly 2/3rds of the weekends both locally in Seattle, Eastern Washington, Portland, and buddying up with local acts such as Aiden, On the Last Day, and Up Falls Down.

Due to release their debut full length ablum in January, a new website, new merch, and plan to tour extensively, 2006 should prove to be a productive year! Look for them at a venue near you!!